Monday, November 16, 2009

New Items!

The encroaching Winnipeg hibernation has gotten my creative juices flowing...Check out these hot new items fresh off the cutting table:

Sexy Deep Wine Leather Shawl...sooo beautiful and sooo soft...the ultimate accessory! You will stand out in this stunning piece!

Electric Blue Leather the ONLY one rocking this piece...I have never seen leather cowls before...but you will be seeing more soon!

Woodland Shoulder Bag

If you like what you see...please stay tuned as I will be posting up new pieces all week...any of these items can be purchased through our online store here.


  1. wow,they look great! i particularly love the woodland shoulder bag
    x isis

  2. Such lovely creations!

    I'm wondering when you will be making footwear once again?

  3. such lovely creations!
    I'm wondering when you will be making those gorgeous footwear once again?

  4. oh, that bag looks great! I'm so glad I bought it! can't wait until I can order some footwear from you!