Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Getting Ready to Fly

Hey all!

I apologize for the lack of blog updates over the holidays...we have been crazy busy!

We wrapped up our apartment and life in Winnipeg in a whirlwind, catching our breath to say goodbye to our dear friends who mean so much to us and who we will miss greatly in NZ. Over the course of a week we managed to work a craft sale, finish shoe orders, sell and move all of our belongings to our friends, pack up 2 small crates to ship to NZ, pack up 10 small tubs for shipping to my parents in Ontario, clean our apartment, attend our goodbye party and somehow make it to the airport in time!

We spent the last month with my family in Ontario, eating plenty of yummy food courtesy of my mom, enjoying the holidays with our Ontario friends and family. We have packed and re-packed more times than is sanely possible...our entire life crammed into 5 suitcases and 2 carry-ons. It feels great to simplify...though the majority of the suitcases are filled with leather, supplies and tools with the exception of a shirt or two! We are crazy excited to get to NZ now...the limbo is beggining to drive us slightly nutty. My parents have been incredibly gracious to us, putting up with our sprawling stuff and crazy ways!

It has been hard to say goodbye to friends and family, though it was extra hard to say goodbye to my Oma (grandma). I hope she will hold on for the next few years so that we can be reunited again, but I did have to say goodbye to her as if it was the last time. She and my Opa, left Holland after WW11 to board a ship to Canada, saying goodbye to their family in the anticipation of never seeing them again! I am amazed at her bravery, as my own experience is somewhat lessoned due to the convinience of the internet age. I am grateful that I can 'see' my friends and family thanks to the internet.

We are preparing to fly to Vancouver tommorow for a 2 day hiatus to say goodbye to more friends...and then will be off to Auckland on the Friday night! I can't even wait to get myself to a NZ beach...in only a few days I will get to breath in the NZ ocean again.

We are planning to see friends and family in NZ for the first few weeks, and will then be driving around to find a suitable place to rent. We are hoping to settle into a home, sometime near the end of February or the beggining of March. At this time we will need to begin resourcing all our materials and finding a good place to create from. Once this process is complete we will begin creating shoes once again, though there will be some adjustments comcerning pricing and materials depending on what NZ has to offer.

We will let you know once we have landed safely in New Zealand. Our etsy store will be on vacation for a short period, but keep checking back for new goodies come Febrary!

Isaac and I wish you all a Happy New Year and send our love! Thank you for all the incredible support in 2009 which enabled Spirocreations to get off the ground! We are so grateful for the oppoutunity to create!

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