Monday, May 17, 2010

We are Back in Business!!

Hey all,

we are very pleased to announce that we are back to work and have finally re-listed our shoe and boot styles to Etsy for purchase....just in time for summer!!

Each pair is carefully handmade, and no two pairs are a like. You literally get your very own pair crafted for you alone...the shoes will grow and mold to your feet you as you journey on. My First Nations friend once told me that moccasins were designed to keep us grounded. Your feet literally feel the earth beneath them and stay connected with each step. We too desire to keep you grounded and connected to the Earth.

If you have been desiring a pair of handmade, one of a kind, unique and gorgeous shoes, you can buy them right now here!

It turns out that NZ is the land of very little leather some of the colors (including gold deer) will have to be shipped in from Canada. We are going to be putting in an order for gold deer right away, so for the moment gold deer will not be available. As soon as the shipment comes in we will notify those desiring deer.

I have several new styles in the mix...these should make an appearance very soon...I have drawn a lot of inspiration from the serene, majestic trees around us, as well as the rugged coasts and wild ocean....I am quite excited about them and hope you will like them as much as I do!

Thank you for your incredible patience and support...we appreciate you all and look forward to crafting some beautiful shoes for you very soon!


  1. Welcome to New Zealand. I am already saving for a pair of boots!! I hope you enjoy your life here.

  2. How do i go about purchasing a pair of those amazingly CUTE yellow ballet flats!