Friday, June 4, 2010


In a crazy turn of events, Isaac and I have decided to move again!

In two weeks we will be heading North to Whangaparaoa (North of Auckland) as Isaac has found an unpaid fine furniture making apprenticeship with 'Opus Libero'.

Opus Libero specializes in finely crafted, free standing period kitchens. Styles such as 'arts and crafts, shaker, art deco and art nouveau are some of what they can offer. Isaac nearly had a heart attack when he found this site as we both share a strong passion for the Arts and Craft/Arts Nouveau movement and appreciate the artisan-ship involved in crafting these pieces. Isaac also gets access to four different mentors and a huge workshop...needless to say he is beside himself with excitement.

So, like proper gypsies, we will once again be packing our bags and heading off into the sunset. We have secured a new flat and find ourselves excited for this new challenge and opportunity. We have really enjoyed living in Island Bay and will miss our friends and little seaside flat.

More info to come soon:) Wish us luck!

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  1. YAY! Glad to hear that you are heading this way again!!! Cameron and I have actually relocated to the city ourselves (from our little Waiheke Island) and are now living in Auckland... we should get together one of these days! Hope all is well with you both, and talk soon!