Thursday, October 8, 2009

We are Moving Country!

Hey all,

I apologize for my terrible ability to keep up with blogging...I am so busy making orders (which is great!) that I am not finding time to keep you all updated...oh well:)

So, if you did not know, Isaac and I are moving to New Zealand to settle in January. This is crazy exciting for us...Isaac is a Kiwi citizen hence he is heading home, whereas I will be starting a whole new life in a new country. I admit I have mixed feelings. Super excited to live in gorgeous land...and sad to leave dear friends and family. I even am starting to feel sad about leaving the Winnipeg winter...can you believe that! Crazy lady!

So, Spirocreations will continue in full array over our transition and re-settling time in New Zealand, but we will not be taking any custom orders between November 9th 2009-March 2010. Ready made items will still be available through our Etsy shop, so check back regularly for new and exciting creations!

This means...if you are dying to purchase a pair of shoes this year...please get your order in to us before November...This will be greatly appreciated:)

We will be keeping you updated as our adventure unfolds...I am looking very forward to living gypsy style without a home for a short period...this gets my travelers heart beating faster:) Who knows what lies ahead....exciting!


  1. It'll be an amazing journey I'm sure! Just watch "The Beach" first and take a tip from Leo. XOXO - Jill

  2. Wow, I would definitely take that over Manitoba winter any day!!