Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Since We Last Spoke...

It has been WAY to long since our last blog post. Our life is an ever continuing adventure and many changes have transpired along the way. Over the course of the last month we have moved from Wellington to Whangaparoa, received a FREE van, settled into a house bus and will be moving into a beautiful house in a few days as house sitters for dear friends.

But let me start at the beginning. As soon as Isaac agreed to take the Furniture making apprenticeship with Opus Libero we were in a frantic state of faith. We secured a flat in Whangaparaoa, gave our notice on our Wellington flat and began scheming how in the world we would move all our stuff eight hours North without a vehicle.

Miraculously, an Etsy seller named 'Thimble-Scratch' (check out her stuff...she makes beautiful clothing and accessories), emailed me a few days prior to our decision with some big news. She and her husband had immigrated to NZ from the states and had been living in Wellington and Nelson for the past year. We had tried to get together a few times but kept missing each other. She emailed to inform me that they had had a beautiful baby boy and were off to America for a year or so to visit family and friends...this led to the fact that they had many items they wanted to to give to us...including a van which was ours for FREE! Isaac and I were honestly stunned...we had literally prayed and asked God to give us a van as we could NEVER afford one in a million years. We had no idea he would deliver so fast! To make a long story short, we flew down to Nelson, met Tammy, Jason and London, made fast friends and picked up our new van. The icing on the cake was that the van had a built in platform and brand new mattress....exactly what we wanted. It works like a dream and is in great condition...what a special gift! Thanks Tammy and Jason!

Tammy, Jason, London and Us:

Isaac and London:

The Free Van (WOOT!):

We had to do two trips from Welly to the Mount (Isaac's folks place) in a weekend to get all our stuff up North. When we got onto the road the first time Isaac and I were very concerned that our life was going WAY to easy in contrast to our rather bumpy and chaotic experiences of past. Luckily we blew a tire (when I was driving of course) on our first trip up to the Mount with our stuff which brought us back a bit of normality. We heaved a huge sigh of relief as our life is NEVER so perfect. Isaac saved the day by changing the tire....what a hero!

Here are some pics of our journey from Wellington to Whangaparaoa:

A few days after this we received a call from dear friends in Whangaparaoa informing us that they were leaving to travel for two months and really needed house sitters over their time away. We again were stunned as this meant three months rent and bill free...perfect as we desperately needed a chance to get caught up financially. We accepted. Ironically, we were arrving a month early, so they arranged to have us stay in their mean as house bus until we could move into the house. The house bus has served us very well...it is outfitted with a full bathroom (shower included) a bedroom, and functioning kitchen. I actually laughed out loud as our life is truly so ridiculous....from tent, to flat to house bus...so funny! We truly are living the gypsy dream.

The Bus:

We were cleaning out our van and this random chicken decided to hop on in and check things out. This chicken is MAD...no fear whatsoever...I had to take a few shots...way to funny!

I was given a room in the house to use as a workshop which I have set up as Spirocreations headquarters. It's actually my friends old room so it comes complete with bed, stuffed animals and children's books. Again, I have to laugh at how loosely we hold our life at the moment...we have to be crazy flexible and adaptable to survive. My little workshop is great and I enjoy listening to bird song and basking in sunlight.

Can I say how INSANE our view is...again we are living on the coast just a few steps from the ocean. It is WAY warmer here and I am grateful to wear a t-shirt out in the dead of winter.

Stanmore Bay:

Isaac has settled into his apprenticeship and LOVES it. He is learning heaps and has literally come alive. We are reconnecting with friends and I am grateful for a bigger circle of support. I am feeling content and more at home here.

I had my first big homesick breakdown...right around the six month mark. I wanted so badly to see my friends and family and to surround myself with normality once again. More than anything I just wanted to jump on my bike and get to Winnipeg. I wanted to see people I knew on the street and visit old haunts. Isaac was able to comfort me...he arrived home armed with chocolate, candy and salt and vinegar chips...he is way to good of a husband...he knows how to fix me very well!

Isaac and I also had our 3rd wedding anniversary which is very exciting (June 16)...we are both pretty excited to have found the perfect half to love and who will manage to deal through all our crazy troubles and adventures...we make a great team!

We also managed to see the seals (EEEKKK!!) in Island Bay before we left Wellngton...I was in my glory as I adore seals so much. Here is pics of the aftermath:

I have received in a shipment of deer hide from Canada and am busily completing orders...(thanks guys!). Etsy has been featuring us again which has provided lots of traffic and sales. I have LOTS of inspiration and many new ideas to create. I have made a pile of new accessories which I will post this coming Friday.

That's about us...Thank you to all the beautiful ladies that came round to say hello to me at Kraft Bomb. It was amazing to meet you and also great to catch up! Thank you for your support...enabling me to feel more at home in NZ.

Thank you also to all our great customers for your support! We had a great June July...




  1. Wow Barb! Thanks for sharing your adventures - you guys are awesome :)

  2. Hi Barb, I met you at the Devonport Market (I am one of the Sarah's). You are really having adventures but glad to hear that things are sorting themselves out for you. If you ever need anything we are here! All the best. Sarah

  3. The view is amazing, and don't feel homesick - winnipeg won't forget you - and you can always visit your home away from home!

    Plus, we are all kind of jealous anyway. T-shirts in backwards winter - eh? whatever.

    love reading your adventures! talk to you soon!

  4. Thanks for the update Barb, It's so great to see you and Isaac settling in, it helps with the homesickness.I laughed when I read about Isaac bringing you chocolate and salt& vinegar chips, cause that's what exactly what Gareth would bring me if I was sad(he he)
    I can't believe the beauty of NZ I am awestruck. love you and miss you both!!

  5. my daughter (shariyah) who married a kiwi and has been living in NZ the past 2 yrs. just did a post on your work on her blog http://www.shariyahgarner.blogspot.com/
    and so i found you and love your post and gypsy life.... your life & leather work so reminds me of how i used to live & make leather shoes back when i was your age!!!
    may you continue to walk in the miraculous with our Awesome God!!
    hugs from Montana,