Monday, October 25, 2010

Back with New Fall/Winter Designs

Hey everyone....

It has been a painfully long time since I have posted anything exciting and this is due to moving into an AMAZING new house and locking myself away to create some new fall and winter designs.

First off...I gotta say a HUGE THANK YOU to my great friend Jill of 'I LOVE LUNE' who did a great job reinventing our blog design.  You should really take a chance to check out her work...she is a very talented lady with her hands in the Earth who is a very lovely and inspiring person!  Check out her store here.  She also writes a very cool blog which I must read daily.  You can read it here.

I also am excited to introduce you to my new footwear designs...I would love to hear your thoughts:)

Detachable Fringe Woodland  Boots

These beautiful boots were created with the lady in mind who wants to wear a variety of looks but would rather not pay for 4 different pairs of boots. In one pair you can wear 4 different looks, fringe or no fringe, slouched or straight.  These boots are also lined with a super soft semi NZ wool which actually feels like angora.  I LOVE mine and honestly they are so comfortable I never want to take them off.  You can buy this perfect fall winter boot here.

Ankle Fringe Wrap Booties

Cute and comfy these eye pleasing booties are perfect for dancing and adventures:)  I can craft these from a variety of colors in super soft suede.  Again these boots are super comfortable and I have been wearing these when I give my brown ones a rest!  You can buy these boots here.

Unisex Leather Woodland Shoes

I  am happy to finally create a shoe style for men!   Guys shoes are a very important issue.  When I was single and if I thought a guy was cute, I would ALWAYS check the shoes as it was very important (for me a shoe girl) for guys to have good shoes!  My friends and I always joked about HAVING to check the guys shoes to make or break the decision to funny and actually kind of silly.  Thankfully my husband has good taste in shoes (when I can get him to wear them...he prefers bare feet) and I designed this pair with him in mind.  Isaac loves to longboard barefoot and wanted a pair of shoes he could use which would feel like he was barefoot...only not!  Hence the Woodland shoe...super soft, comfy and functional. The ultimate barefoot shoe.  These are great casual shoes and dress up nicely.  Ironically I have had a number of ladies RAVE over these these are also available in women's sizes.  This is your chance your man some shoes for Christmas(...or for yourself of course)! You can buy these shoes here.

Custom Mukluks

This is my mom in her Muklucks I made for her.

Custom Mukluks can be crafted in either the raw edge (first photo) or fringe (pink photo) styles.  I have been making mukluks from the beginning.  These are some of the first pairs I made long before the shoes styles.  Each pair will be lined with super thick faux sheep's wool and trust me...they will keep you warm.  I wore mine in -50 Winnipeg weather and my feet were toasty!  Even I was amazed.  There are a lot of Muklucks on the market so I have attempted to create something unique and functional.  Here is a way to look good and not freeze!  You can buy these boots here.

All of these new styles will be hand crafted by me and made with love...and a LOT of patience!  i am really proud of these new styles and hope you like them too!

Here also is a new vest and bag to peep:

Special thanks to my great friends and talented photographers Caren and Jonny Smiles...through rain and shine they shot these wonderful new pictures.  Thanks guys!


  1. Beautiful new blog! Wow. Okay, so can we talk about creating another angle to your boots - footwear for kids with special needs? I would love to still explore this with you if you are interested. I could post something on my blog too. Who knows what could happen? I know of parents that order from B.C. for boots that accommodate the kids' orthotic splints. I think there's plenty of room in the market. cousin spot

  2. I LOVE LOVE all your new designs...and Jill did such a beautiful job on your blog.

  3. I'm so happy to help showcase your work and thoughts - you have endless potential and a huge spirit. I'm proud to call you a friend ;-D And flattered that you read my blog too!

    love Jill