Thursday, September 27, 2012

Major Changes

I realize that I am essentially the worst blogger in the world, but today I feel the urge to update you all on what has been taking place in our lives over the last year.  So much has changed and if I write a major post I can finally feel up to date to post on a more regular basis.

Where to start.  Essentially Isaac and I have been working like crazy and enjoying our tree house life.  Auckland now feels like home, we are so blessed with incredible friends and community here.  I feel rooted now, finally having carved out a piece of NZ for myself, graduating from 'Isaac's wife' at last!  I am very thankful that life has transitioned for us as I was definitely over the tumult of our arrival and first year.  Its good to finally feel home at last.

If you were not aware, Isaac works steadily for Meadowlark, a brilliant jewellery company led by a husband and wife team.  He manages a lot of their production, transforming pieces and setting stones which he thoroughly enjoys.  I also have been working a day or two a week for them which has been really nice.

Isaac also is always creating with wood and also makes his own jewellery when he finds the time.


Here are some of his latest creations:

Kauri and Italian Poplar Screen
White Gold and Green Stone Wedding Band

Turquoise and Silver Pendant.  This was my 34th birthday present from Isaac.  He wanted to make me a badge of honor to acknowledge my leather art achievements.  So sweet and totally  made me cry!

Turquoise and Silver 5 year wedding anniversary ring.  (Also cried)

 I have been balancing a full time job at LAPCO Leather with trying to complete shoe orders on the weekends.  This choice was due to needing financial stability and needing to access how to approach Spirocreations in the context of NZ.  I really enjoyed my job at LAPCO, assisting to handle sales, shipping and receiving of orders and general customer leather education.  I also was able to buy oodles of leather at a discounted price...yeow!  This is a very dangerous thing!

I found it difficult to balance Spiro and work.  I was growing weary and needed to take some downtime.  I also needed Spiro to die and resurrect itself as so much of my inspiration was in Canada and I was finding it hard to find my creative flow in the context of NZ.  I am still going through this to a certain extent but have definitely regained some inspiration and have been making and designing heaps at the moment.  Here is a sneak peak at some new stuff which will be on sale soon:

Brand new braided flat

Lamb Shearling Vest

Gold Deer Neck Wrap

Cognac Deer Clutch

Dark Brown Deer Hand Bag

I am very excited about my new creations and also have a few more shoe/boot styles to show case.  I have been very inspired by fur and am trying out some new hand lacing styles.  Stay tuned for more to come!

I also have some incredibly exciting news.  Isaac and I are pregnant!  We are both crazy excited to meet our little one that is growing steadily in my belly.  Its such a beautiful experience to be bonding and growing our little son or daughter.  I am 32 weeks this Sunday and getting VERY big!  Tying my shoes and bending over is a whole new experience!  I have been working hard to transform our tree house into a baby friendly environment and honestly can't wait to meet our baby in two months.

28 Weeks! Woot!

Along with our joy we have had an incredibly sad few months.  I traveled to Canada end of June till August to say goodbye to my father who passed away after a long battle with cancer.  This was an unbelievably hard, and trying time.  I am so thankful I was able to stand with my mom and say goodbye to a man I love with all my heart.  It is difficult to know I won`t be able to place our baby in his arms, he was an amazing loving father and would have made a wonderful Grandad.  The support of my family and friends through this time was overwhelmingly beautiful, I felt so surrounded and loved.  Thank you again to all those who were so gracious and loving to us.  You are in my heart in such a huge way.

Here is a photo of me and my dad in healthier times:

Love you forever dad...miss you.
My favorite picture of my dad at 21  I think.
Had to put this in.  Grade 8 Graduation night!
Dad in NZ
Also love this at 12 I think.

Since returning Isaac and I have been trying to get back to normal while taking time to reflect and grieve in a healthy way.  We have been busy preparing for baby, fitting in as many visits with friends as possible, working hard and spending as much time as we can together before baby comes.  I have finished working at LAPCO and can now focus on Spirocreations full time.  Winter is finally over and spring sunshine is starting to filter through the windows.  I feel very content and excited about where our life is heading next.

Love from us to all you beautiful people out there...we will try to be more regular in letting you know whats happening in our world!


  1. Thank you so much for this update. I'm so happy to hear about your life and how you guys are doing. Sad for you that you lost your dad, but very excited for your new addition. Love you lots, Barbaloo.

  2. A lovely, lovely read Barb. I can feel the love filtering through the treetops from your house to mine. :) What a transition, what a lot to go through. But how very beautiful, that one life begins when another ends. I can't wait to meet your little one. Much love to you both. xox

  3. Wish you happy new year ..nice stuff..

  4. I love to see your pics. And really nice t-shirt and other dresses.